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The best way to Help Your Fiancée Get A Extended term Residence Inside The particular US ALL

How to Help My Fiancée Immigrate in order to the USA?

Latest update: 2019-02-18


fiancée immigrate to USA

You’ve discovered the love associated with your life abroad, haven’t you? Congrats! This must possess been a lengthy journey, regardless of how a person managed to obtain near to the heart associated with your chosen lady – because of touring or via an online dating site.

Now, this will be the finish collection – help your own fiancée immigrate in order to your homeland the particular USA and lastly obtain married. How in order to do this?

Well, you will find different methods of helping your own future wife get a permanent residence in America.

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Way #1. Getting married in the US after petitioning for a fiancée visa

This option will be relevant only for couples where the lady is staying abroad and wants to get married in the US.

This kind of visa will allow your beloved woman enter the US for 90 days to say “I do” to you throughout the wedding ceremony ceremony. After the particular official confirmation associated with your marriage, your own wife can make an application for permanent residence plus stay in the particular country, awaiting the particular results.

 fiancee visa

To make every thing work, you will certainly need to document a Type I-129F, Petition with regard to Unfamiliar Fiancée, in order to the particular ALL OF US Citizenship plus Migration Services. Just in case everything’s fine, your personal spouse’s docs will definitely become sent in in an attempt to National Visa Center after which in order to the particular ALL OF US Embassy and even représentation, after just about all, she will be asked in order to the charge for that real fiancée visa for australia.

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Way #2. Involved and getting wedded abroad

If a person would like this particular differently, you are usually able to marry to your much loved woman overseas : for example, in the girl homeland.

If you have to do so, a person may file the Type I-130, Request with regard to Alien Relative, with regard to your brand new wife. This 1 you submit in order to the US Consulate. To get more information, you will need to research the website of this body in a particular country you are staying at.


Way #3. Getting married in the US when the fiancée is already there

In some cases, your fiancée may have already started living in the country due to another legal immigration status.

Thus, you can get married in the US and file the Immigration Petition for her. However , you should bear inside mind that right now there could be new specifications to modify her position to permanent house in the usa.

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What more do you want to know?

First plus main, you have to be able to examine whether your current beloved girl satisfy the requirements to get a fiancée petition. Thus in this file, you should demonstrate of which:

  • You’re a US citizen
  • You and your current future wife usually are going to marry within 90 after she enters the country
  • Both of you are marrying each other freely
  • You have known and met each other for at least 2 years before you filed the petition

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Here are the main pieces of advice that would help you to start the entrance process. However , you should keep in mind that there are various life cases and they need special research. Do some more research, before you file any petitions, especially, if:

  • your fiancée’s got a child
  • she needs to work in the US while being on a fiancée visa
  • she provides a different australian visa, and you need to get hitched in America
  • two of you usually are engaged, but an individual haven’t made a decision to get married to yet, and so forth

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